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TikTok: Those under 16 will have a private account by default

The TikTok platform updates its privacy policy and makes changes concerning its newest users.


TikTokers accounts between the ages of 13 and 15 will be set to private by default, TikTok said in a blog post on Wednesday.

Change is part of many updates in the social network privacy policies aimed at young people users of. "It simply came to our notice then digital their journey, we believe it is important to provide them settings "and age-appropriate privacy controls," the publication said.

In addition, only their friends will be able to comment on their videos - TikTok removes the option for everyone to comment on a single user's video. Also if they want they can disable the mode and do not let anyone comment on their videos. Those under 16 will not be able to use The possibilities of the duet or of stitch (Both allow you to embed other TikTok videos on your own). Those who are 16 or 17 years old will be able to use the above functions only with their friends.

Other changes include restricting direct messages to accounts that they belong to people over the age of 16 and only allow λήψη of videos created by people aged 16 and over.

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