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Voice transaction guidance for visually impaired people from Alpha Bank ATM network

The possibility voice guidance for people with
limited vision enabled by Alpha Bank in 102 ATMs 24 hour access of
Its network throughout the country, within the principles of Corporate Responsibility and
program Digital Transformation.

alpha bank

Extremely easy to use, the new voice guidance functionality
enables Alpha Bank Customers to make a withdrawal
cash or balance question by simply plugging their headphones into
corresponding reception of ATMs. It is the first time in the Greek market that
provides voice guidance to such a large number of ATMs per

Before starting any transaction through the new functionality, the
Customer listens to a recorded message with detailed instructions for use, while each
His choice is confirmed by voice message. The new service provides the possibility
language selection (bilingual menu), voice information available
balance upon completion of the transaction and hide transaction screens
Customer, thus enhancing security and protecting his personal data

"Voice trading is expected to greatly facilitate
daily life of our Customers with limited vision, as it is specially designed
to best meet their needs. The voice option
guidance will soon be available at additional ATMs of our Network,
offering the possibility of even more transactions, such as
acceptance of cards of other Greek banks, through the DIAS system ", he states
o Digital Networks Manager of Alpha Bank, Sotiris Kyriakos.
More information on possibility of voice guidance and for ATMs
to which it is provided, are available on the Bank's website.

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