HomesecurityAuthorities shut down the world's largest dark web market!

Authorities shut down the world's largest dark web market!

Η DarkMarket, the largest perhaps dark web market in the world, closed thanks to an international operation, coordinated by Europol. The Germans authorities arrested an Australian man believed to be the operator of the illegal website and confiscated 20 servers that hosted it, thus ending this center of illegal activity.

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Before it closed, DarkMarket had about 500.000 users and 2.400 sellers and facilitated over 320.000 transactions, according to Europol. THE Dark web The market was used for various illegal activities, such as drug and counterfeit money laundering, stolen credit card information and malware. The transactions took place mainly in Bitcoin and Monero and according to Europol estimates, they exceeded 140 million euros. European authorities intend to use DarkMarket servers from Ukraine and Moldova to investigate buyers and sellers who have used the dark web market for illegal transactions.

In accordance with The Guardian, researchers discovered and shut down DarkMarket as part of a wider investigation into web hosting company Cyberbunker. Cyberbunker has hosted both The Pirate Bay and WikiLeaks servers in the past.

In recent years, authorities have been trying to shut down as many dark web markets as possible. For example, the Wall Street Market, another Dark web market, found a similar end to that of DarkMarket in 2020, during a European survey. Also others similar sites, As the Empire Market have completely disappeared. As it turns out, lately, government agencies have become more aggressive in chasing these markets, while being able to understand much better how illegal sites work.


With regard to arrest of the Australian, who is considered the operator of DarkMarket, was made thanks to Coordinated action by the Australian Federal Police, Scotland Yard, the FBI, Europol and the German authorities.

The arrest was made when the 34-year-old suspect, known as Julian K, tried to cross from Denmark to Germany.

The accused reportedly refused to speak to investigators and court officials.

Source: The Verge

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