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Twitter: Deleted more than 70.000 Qanon-related accounts

A few days after the attack on Capitol of USA by supporters of the outgoing US President, Donald Tramp, Twitter announced that it has permanently deleted more than 70.000 accounts from platform of. The reason why the popular social networking site made this move was that these accounts were exchanging content related to the "QAnon" movement. Twitter noted that many of the accounts were operated by a single user.

Capitol attack

Specifically, Twitter said in a statement on January 11: "Given the violent incidents in Washington, and the increased risk of injury, we started deleting thousands of accounts on Friday (January 8) in the afternoon which were primarily dedicated to sharing QAnon content. These accounts ended up distributing destructive QAnon-related articles on a large scale and had been heavily devoted to spreading this conspiracy principle in the service. "

Between photos The image of Jake Angeli, a QAnon supporter, who referred to himself as «shaman QAnon ».

Twitter: Deleted more than 70.000 Qanon-related accounts

QAnon supporters maintain a collection of beliefs widely regarded as conspiracy theories, one of which is that President Donald Trump is fighting a group of prominent Democrats, Hollywood elites and "deep state" allies involved in child sexual abuse.

The movement started its action in 2017 with some publications in 4chan by a person nicknamed “Q.”

In August 2020, the Facebook removed or restricted approximately 10.000 groups, websites and accounts across the social network and Instagram associated with QAnon.

Twitter: Deleted more than 70.000 Qanon-related accounts

In addition, the YouTube has removed tens of hundreds of QAnon-related videos from its platform. In October 2020, the company said it had extended its hate and harassment directives to ban content targeted at a specific or group with conspiracy theories used to provoke global violence. The company said it also increased enforcement against sites that share false information about elections of 2020.

Trump vs Biden

Other actions taken by Twitter include blocking users from replying, liking or retweeting posts that have been flagged for violations, but also the prohibition of certain trends that violate the rules of the platform.

The invasion of the Capitol delayed the ratification of Joe Biden's election victory. Deputies were forced to leave as the building was besieged by supporters of the outgoing President. Five people were killed, including a Capitol police officer, who was beaten while trying to disperse crowds.

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