HomesecurityCapcom data breach: Up to 390.000 people may have been affected

Capcom data breach: Up to 390.000 people may have been affected

Η Capcom informed about the developments of her research on infringement data caused by a ransomware attack in early November. According to new information, up to 390.000 people may have been affected.


On November 2, Capcom fell victim to it Ragnar Locker gang ransomware, who stated that he stole from company data size 1TB. Subsequently, The hackers asked for $ 11 million in bitcoin not to publish the stolen ones archives and to provide the decryption tool.

A little later, the ransomware gang exposed the data and gaming company reported the incident, saying nine types of personal information were exposed.

In a news information released yesterday, Capcom said that has confirmed 16.415 individuals whose personal data have been exposed, but the total number of people (customers, partners, etc.) that may have been affected is 390.000.

As for the 16.415 people who have definitely been affected, the data exposed include names, addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses.

The above personally data (or part of them), belong to associates (3.218), but also former (9.164) and current Capcom employees (3.994).

Other data, such as financial reports, have also been leaked information, game development documents and other information related to business partners.

However, the investigation has not yet been completed, so we do not know for sure the exact number that has been affected and all of the information that has been exposed.

ransomware data breach

In most cases, ransomware gangs steal as many files and databases of victims as possible.

The hackers they say they store valuable data for online auctions or for their use in other attacksς. This means that the data they report may not be all the data they have stolen.

Based on the above, everyone who has something to do with Capcom (customers, partners, etc.) should change the password access (although at present there is no evidence that the passwords were leaked). Also, if the same password is used on other sites, it must be changed there as well. Finally, it may be more than two months since the ransomware attack and data theft, but further attacks are possible. Therefore, pay attention to Phishing emails!

Source: Bleeping Computer

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