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WhatsApp: Eventually you will not share all the data with Facebook

Following the announcement of WhatsApp on the new privacy policy, which will allow the company to share user data with Facebook, there have been widespread reactions, as many are concerned about the impact this move will have on privacy.

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Now the company has published a new FAQ page, which clarifies the new positions of its privacy policy.

New information has nothing to do with users' conversations or their profile data. Instead, the change focuses on how businesses that use WhatsApp for customer service can store their chat logs on Facebook servers. This is something that the company believes should be evident in its privacy policy.

However a wave of misinformation in SOCIAL MEDIA combined with Facebook's negative track record of user data, has led to serious reactions, with many users abandoning WhatsApp and preferring competitors such as Facebook. Signal and the Telegram.

Even its CEO Tesla, Elon Musk, told more than 42 million followers to use Signal. In fact in recent days, Signal has become one of the most downloaded applications in Android and iOS and its new user registration verification system has been repeatedly pressured. Telegram, now in second place, has seen more than 25 million new users sign up in the last 72 hours.

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WhatsApp executives, as well as the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri and the head of Facebook AR / VR, Andrew “Boz” Bosworth, are now trying to clarify the situation.

"We want to make it clear that updating the policy does not in any way affect the confidentiality of your messages to friends or relatives. Instead, this update includes shipping-related changes messages in a business on WhatsApp, which is optional and provides further transparency on how data is collected and used ", the company writes in the new FAQ page.

He also points out that neither Facebook nor WhatsApp reads users' logs, nor monitors calls, and that WhatsApp does not store user location data or share contact information on Facebook.

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