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Home security British Airways: More than 16.000 customers are seeking compensation

British Airways: More than 16.000 customers are seeking compensation

Thousands of its customers British Airways (BA) seek compensation from the company, for data breach held against her in 2018.

british airways compensation

Specifically, in September 2018, the airline, revealed that the personal data of 420.000 customers had been stolen.

At the urging of lawyers, the company PGMBM, announced that a number of customers who exceeded their forecasts, has joined the team created for this purpose. In fact, it is the largest participation in a team for data breach in its history United Kingdom.

According to the lawyers, each plaintiff could receive compensation of up to £ 2.000, bringing the total cost to British Airways to around 800 XNUMX million.

The PGMBM partner, Tom Goodhead "British Airways passengers are frustrated by what has happened," he said. It is their right to be compensated by what used to be a reliable airline, which treated the personally their elements, leaving them vulnerable to malicious people hacker. "

"We trust companies like British Airways with our personal information and have a duty to all their customers and the general public to take every possible measure to keep it safe. In that case, it's a complete failure. "

The Office of the Information Commissioner (ICO) has also imposed a fine on the company for this infringement.

The initial fine of 183 20 million was reduced to εκατο XNUMX million in October due to the impact of COVID-19 in the company's finances.

The fine is independent of the new lawsuit, for which affected customers can continue to register until March 19.

A similar case against her Easyjet, has already attracted more than 10.000 plaintiffs.

In a statement, British Airways said: "We continue to vigorously defend disputes over allegations attack in cyberspace of 2018. We do not recognize the data for the damages that have been proposed and have not appeared in the claims. "


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