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Verizon: 5G will make your life faster!

His advent 5G in our daily lives everything will change. As stated by its CEO Verizon, Hans Vestberg, this year CES, new technology (5G) will have a significant impact in many areas. To make this clearer, Vestberg gave some real-life examples.

Verizon 5G

"It is more than just another technological innovation", He said in his keynote address at CES 2021."It's one platform that allows other innovations".

The CEO of Verizon stressed that 5G will not just bring faster smartphones, but it will have applications and other important areas of everyday life, such as education and sports, while it will promote other possibilities, such as product deliveries via drones etc.

Verizon recognizes that the timing may not be right for a full understanding of the potential and use of 5G, as most people are locked out of the home because of COVID-19 and use the WiFi. Thus, few can benefit from the faster connections that exist. At the same time, some inconsistencies in speed, in various areas, make some wonder if it is really worth it.

However, Hans Vestberg said that Although the pandemic has "frozen" almost everything, work on the development of 5G continued throughout 2020. These new networks will be ready to serve and impress people as soon as there is a return to normalcy and returns to the city centers and sports venues begin.

The CEO of Verizon said before his speech that it is revolution, noting that sectors such as telemedicine and touchless retail have already taken advantage of the new opportunities to cope with the new conditions they require social distancing and work from home.

Following is a summary of 5G applications announced by Verizon CEO at CES:

More NFL (National Football League) 5G courts: Verizon is committed to developing this year 5G Ultra Wideband, or otherwise its extremely fast variant network 5G of, in 28 NFL stages. The company has already developed the network in Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida, which will host the Super Bowl LV. According to Vestberg, viewers with a Verizon 5G device will be able to use the app "SuperStadium in the NFL”To see the game from different angles and use it augmented reality functions when monitoring a player's statistics. Vestberg said Verizon is also working with other sports leagues.

Hans Vestberg

The Smithsonian with 3D capabilities: Over the next five years, Verizon plans to scan collections and works and will create digital experiences that can be viewed anywhere. Verizon has partnered with the Smithsonian, the world's largest museum (and research center) to create augmented reality experiences with its 3D works.

The Met with AR capabilities: The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Verizon have released The Met Unframed, a virtual art and gaming experience that includes dozens of digital galleries with 50 works of art by The Met. Any 4G or 5G device will be able to access the experience, but Verizon customers will have more options.

Deliveries with drones: The company wants to strengthen this sector through Skyward, a Verizon company created to promote cellular-connected drones. Verizon and Skyward use 5G to connect drones to be used for package delivery in The Villages area of ​​Florida with the help of UPS Flight Forward program. Hans Vestberg said many of the drone deliveries made in 2020 were for transporting critical supplies, such as medicines. However, their goal is to transport other products. The CEO of Verizon said that the only way to effectively coordinate and connect a huge number of drones is through a cellular network, so 5G can help.

Live Nation sites with 5G: Verizon says it will develop 5G Ultra Wideband in 15 Live Nation clubs and theaters, including Wiltern in Los Angeles and Irving Plaza in New York. As in the NFL stadiums, 5G access will allow livestream of shows while users will be able to watch from different angles. Verizon also said it would create new ones tools to manage crowd flow.

Source: CNET


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