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Pornhub: $ 600 million lawsuit for child pornography!

A $ 600 million lawsuit has been filed against Pornhub's parent company, MindGeek, for allegedly hosting video child pornography in website her.

The lawsuit, filed in the Supreme Court of Quebec in late December, but was first published by "The Journal of Montreal" on January 8, seeks the rehabilitation and compensation of minors exposed to the site with a prohibited sensitive content. The $ 600 million lawsuit against MindGeek for child pornography was initiated by a woman in Ontario who claimed to have been raped at the age of about 12 and her video rape posted on the Montreal site.

Pornhub: $ 600 million lawsuit for child pornography

The woman also stressed that the company ignored its repeated calls to remove the controversial video from its site. According to the lawsuit, the company has benefited from child sexual abuse content and non-consensual sexual content since 2007.

It is worth noting that this is the second lawsuit filed against Pornhub in a month. On December 16, 2020, a $ 80 million lawsuit was filed against MindGeek as 40 women accused the company of collaborating with a video maker who cheated or forced young girls to appear on camera. In addition, the women claim that the company made a profit of millions of dollars from the alleged girl sex trafficking plan.

Pornhub: $ 600 million lawsuit for child pornography

Both lawsuits come after a conviction research of the New York Times which has already led to huge changes in the way operation of Pornhub. Among other things, the porn site has stopped accepting videos from unverified, unrecognized users, while it has also removed most of its previous content from platform of.

In addition, the porn site removed more than 10 million videos from its page last month as part of its recent crackdown on illegal content.

Child pornography-bullying

A Pornhub spokesman, who was asked to comment on the child pornography lawsuit, declined to comment.

According to the claim filed in Quebec, Pornhub is one of the most visited sites in the world, attracting 3,5 billion visits per month. In addition, MindGeek currently employs approximately 1.000 people.

Lawyers have been calling for the site to be shut down for many years. At the same time, Canadian leaders are committed to considering new legislation on Pornhub and the like. Companies.

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