HomesecurityUbiquiti: Has suffered a security breach and is requesting a change of passwords

Ubiquiti: Has suffered a security breach and is requesting a change of passwords

Η Ubiquiti Networks, the well-known company manufacture and sale networking equipment and IoT devices, sent emails to its customers to them notify of a recent breach security of its systems.

Ubiquiti violation

"We recently noticed unauthorized access in some of the IT systems us, that hosted by a third party cloud providerSaid Ubiquiti in the emails it sent.

The compromised servers were used to store profile information users for, a web portal available to customers of Ubiquiti who bought one of its products.

Essentially, this portal is used for managing devices from a remote location but also to provide help and support.

According to Ubiquiti emails, the attackers gained access to data of users, such as names, email addresses in both salted and hashed codes access.

Information such as home addresses and phone numbers may also have been exposed, but these data may not be many, as not all users add them to the web portal.

Currently, The number of Ubiquiti users is unknown affected by infringement. Also, no information has been given about the cloud provider that crashed victim of the hackers and for the time at which the attack took place.

The good thing is that Ubiquiti said it has not detected any unauthorized access to its customer accounts, after this violation data.

However, the company asks all of them users receive notification email, change their account passwords, and enable two-factor authentication, for any case.

When the first emails reached customers, some thought it was Phishing attack. However, a Ubiquiti technical support officer confirmed on the company's forum that the emails were genuine.

Below, you can see the e-mail sent by Ubiquiti, as released on social media:

Source: ZDNet

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