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Signal: How not to show when someone is typing a message

Keypad lets you see when someone you are talking to is typing a text message to you. However, if you are really bored, you can sit there watching the indicator bounce on your screen. But if you want you can turn off the typing indicators in Signal.

The input indicator in the Signal application, as shown below, consists of three animations dots inside a bubble. When someone you are talking to is typing, the bubble will be present.

Get started opening the "Signal" application in iPhone or the Android smartphone.

Then click on your avatar in the upper left corner. If you do not have upload a custom profile picture, may shows up to its initials username you.

Select the "Privacy" option from list in the "Settings" menu.

End, turn off the “Typing Indicators” option.

If you want to re-enable the function, press the toggle button to activate the enter indicators.

As mentioned above, disabling keypads will turn off mode both for you and for the person with whom you communicate. If the atom that you communicate maintain the adjustment enabled, will see the typing indicators in the other conversations, but not in yours.

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