HomesecurityBaby monitors: Which devices are not easily hacked?

Baby monitors: Which devices are not easily hacked?

Choosing the right baby monitor is not an easy process for parents as they have to think about many factors. As you understand, we will analyze the field of security and which baby monitors on the market are the safest.

Baby monitors

Not all wireless technologies are the same

There are some basic types of wireless technologies that baby monitors use. Below, you will see in detail the three main categories of available baby monitors:

Analog baby monitors

They use one of the main available radio frequencies (generally 49 mHz or 900 mHz, according to Spruce) to transmit sound and video from the camera to the receiver.

The advantage to this is that it is a long-term technology, so it is more affordable than a digital baby monitor. However, it is not as secure as other technologies - anyone near you who uses a device with the same frequency as your analog monitor can start receiving your audio and video or vice versa.

If you experience interference on the analog display, there is usually the option to manually change the frequency to another that is not in use. MomTricks reports that analog monitors may be better for those living in rural areas away from people and sources of potential interference.

Digital baby monitors

They use a digital signal, which transmits and receives audio / video as a distinct number and not as a continuous pattern like analog radio waves (usually at 2,4 ghz).

The advantage of this type of signal is that it can encrypted more easily, which means that even if someone else is using a device that operates at the same frequency as your baby monitor, that person may not easily see or hear the image / sound on your screen.

Some baby monitors do this by automatically changing signals in an effort to prevent eavesdropping, usually with a technology known as Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS). You can Google baby monitors using this term and you will find many options.

This technology works by changing quickly - doing so in a seemingly random way - the channel your camera and receiver use to communicate, making it difficult for anyone else to comfortably "meet" your baby monitor signal and hear you. watch.

However, the researchers found that a dedicated intruder could find and track your signal - if the intruder was naturally near you (range varies but we are mostly talking about nearby homes) and had the proper listening equipment.

Baby monitors

Unfortunately, digital baby monitors are still interfered with by other devices operating at the same frequency (especially those using the 2,4 ghz frequency used by tons of modern devices, such as wireless routers and bluetooth headphones).

This interference may take the form of pause connectivity on your screen but this does not mean that it is easy for these other devices to listen to or watch the streaming video on your screen.

Another disadvantage of digital baby monitors, as well as analog monitors, is that you have to have them in nearby to maintain your connection - you can not control your baby from too far away.

Some digital baby monitors use Digital Enhanced Cordless Communications (DECC), a type of wireless technology that offers less interference and may also come with encryption. But again, researchers have shown that hackers can bypass it.

Baby Monitors connected to the internet

These offer the most complete integration with smartphone, computers and other consumer gadgets. It's nice if you want to get a notification on your phone every time your baby does something interesting.

These monitors also tend to have unlimited range, in the sense that as long as the camera and the camera / phone are connected to the Internet, you should be able to control your baby from anywhere.

Baby monitors

However, as with almost any internet of things device, baby monitors with WiFi are vulnerable to hacks - if hackers bypass passwords then they will also gain access to your device. These devices also come with their own firmware which may have errors and may not be automatically updated, which means that if a hacker finds out how to compromise a particular model, he or she may gain access to all Appliances in this series of models around the world.

Most of the hacks on baby monitors involve devices that are connected to the internet, so we would suggest you to avoid this category.  

If you really want to use a baby monitor connected to the internet, try to find one that allows you to change the password and be automatically updated with new firmware versions. If you use such a baby monitor, you should also update your home WiFi password and make sure that only people you trust know.

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