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Stripe: Stops working with Trump after the Capitol attack

The American company finance Stripe Inc., which is being processed online payments for President Donald's campaign Trump, decided to terminate the cooperation with him, invoked policy violation during attack on Capitol of USA, last week.

Stripe Trump
Stripe cuts ties with Trump after attack on Capitol

The company, founded in 2010 and headquartered in San Francisco, California, said that Donald Trump encouraged violent behavior, last Wednesday, when a crowd of his supporters stormed the Capitol of USA. This behavior is against its user policies company, which prohibit "high risk" activities.

Stripe asks users to agree to that will not accept payments for “high risk” activitiesAs well as for businesses and organizations that “participate in, encourage or promote violence and bodily harm to persons or damage to property ”.

Η Wall Street Journal was the first to mention this move by Stripe. The tech-savvy company seems to be following the example of other big companies that turned their backs on Trump after attack which cost the lives of five people, including a police officer.

For example, the Twitter, where Trump had more than 80 million followers, permanently suspended his personal account on Friday, while he did the same Facebook on Thursday. In addition, the provider e-mail used for the former US President's campaign suspended access.

Trump Capitol
Stripe cuts ties with Trump after attack on Capitol

Finally, the social networking application Speak, used mainly by them conservatives and to which they turned many of Trump supporters, removed from stores applications Apple and Google as well as Amazon services. In recent days, the app has been filled with comments promoting violence related to the Capitol attack. The Companies asked Parler to soften the content and implement effective oversight, but were not satisfied with the service response.

Source: NBC News


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