HomesecurityMalware: What is the biggest threat of the new year?

Malware: What is the biggest threat of the new year?

An Emotet spam campaign targeting more than 100.000 users a day over Christmas and New Year has put malware at the forefront of 2021 as the most productive threat to malware.


Analysis by cybersecurity Check Point shows that Emotet was used to target 7% of organizations worldwide during December.

Emotet has been active since 2014 and is regularly updated by its authors to maintain it effectiveness of. Malware started its life as banking trojan, but has evolved into much more than that, providing a complete backdoor into a breached machinery which can then be sold to other cybercriminals to infect victims with additional malware - including ransomware.

While Emotet has worm-like capabilities that allow it to move to other machines on the same network as the original victim, it also spreads through the use of phishing messages. But no matter how it gets, Emotet is great at maintaining persistence while avoiding detection, which means that victims will often have no idea that they have been violated until it is too late.

Banking trojan Trickbot is the second most prevalent form of malware as we enter 2021. Like Emotet, it is constantly updated with new possibilities and features, including the ability to customize the malware by allowing it to be used with all kinds of attacks on the cyberspace. Like Emotet, the Trickbot has become more than just a simple banking trojan and often is installed in systems as a gateway for ransomware installation.

Formbook, which collects credentials, was third on the list of most detected malware. The Formbook is for sale at dark web forums at a relatively low cost, but provides hackers with everything they need for a powerful information theft campaign. Collects usernames and passwords from browsers, collects screenshots and more.

Another major malware in December was Dridex trojan, XMRig cryptocurrency mining software and Android Hiddad malware.

What businesses can do to prevent malware attacks is to ensure that the latest security patches are applied throughout the network. It is one of the most important tips we always give you!

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