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Microsoft Teams acquires new "Dynamic View" feature

Microsoft Teams is getting a new feature that will help improve the visibility of slides and speakers during meetings. The new feature, called Dynamic View, will be released worldwide on Teams for desktop in March. User engagement in group meetings will be improved as the size of shared content (for example presentations) will be automatically adjusted. Participants will also have the option to display slides and a speaker in larger frames.


This will improve the meetings in the existing version of the Teams desktop application, which displays only the presenter or the participant in a small frame when content is shared in a meeting.

Microsoft he published a short video on LinkedIn to show the news ability that dynamically adapts shared content and keynote speakers.

Another new feature of Teams meetings coming in February is custom layouts. Microsoft has introduced this ability in September along with new backgrounds for Together Mode - a function that uses the AI to segment the faces of meeting participants and place them in a shared virtual room, such as an amphitheater, cafeteria, or meeting room.

Microsoft has developed Together Mode to offer a little fun to people who work from home because of pandemic of COVID-19 and make really endless meetings. Microsoft researchers believe it will do them people to feel happier and reduce fatigue than video meetings which can really become exhausting.

The custom layout is to provide a more dynamic way of displaying content, but allows also to the speakers to draw the audience's attention to the content with their face and gestures, without making the viewer have to choose between the content and the speaker.

Source of information: zdnet.com


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