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Possible collaboration between Apple and Hyundai for the development of the "Apple Car"

Hyundai Motor Group confirmed on Friday that it is discussing with Apple a possible partnership for the development of the so-called Apple Car.

A Hyundai spokesman said Cupertino had offered to partner with a number of global carmakers to launch an electric car and that Hyundai Motors was among those companies. They stressed, however, that nothing has been finalized and discussions between the two companies are on early stages.

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South Korean media reported that Hyundai had already completed consideration of Apple's proposal. All that is needed to start the partnership is for Hyundai president Chung Eui-sun to sign the agreement, the report said.

The partnership between Apple and Hyundai will include the construction of electric cars and its development battery which will be used. The goal will be to launch the car in 2027, the report said.

Last month, a Reuters report said Apple planned to start producing its own electric vehicle in 2024. Project Titan has renewed its momentum since Cupertino appointed a veteran of both Tesla and Apple, Doug Field, the report claimed.

Sources told Reuters that the key element was a new battery design that would could radically reduce battery costs and increase vehicle range.

Hyundai supplies the batteries it uses for its electric cars from local suppliers LG Energy Solution and SK Innovation. However, the car industry confirmed in the past that develops her own batteries next generation.

Hyundai president Chung Mong-koo, who was appointed to the post in October last year, said in his opening remarks that the group plans to develop "the most innovative autonomous driving technology in the world".

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