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United Kingdom: More than 1/3 of TMT companies were hacked in 2020

More than 1/3 of technology and media companies in the UK have been severely hacked or infringement data by 2020, according to new data from the insurance company Hiscox. In particular, the company found that 34% of technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) companies were cyber-attacked or breached in 2020, resulting in an average loss of around .40.000 XNUMX.

The Phishing accounted for 53% of incidents in the UK last year, followed by web-based attacks (42%) such as those exploited vulnerabilities web applications. In addition, 23% suffered ransomware attack and was able to recover data from backups.

United Kingdom: More than 1/3 of TMT companies were hacked in 2020

The exhibition Hiscox Cyber ​​Readiness 2020 ranked the global TMT sector as one of the industries targeted more than cybercriminals, in parallel with the financial services. He also noted that 44% of businesses in each sector were hit by at least one cyber attack or breach last year.

TMT was also ranked as one of the best-prepared industries in terms of "cyber readiness", although the report states that businesses they are often forced to become "experts" when they are "highly targeted" industries. This is in line with the latest UK findings, according to which 67% of TMT respondents are confident of their cyber readiness and 85% said they have a team dedicated exclusively to cyber security.

United Kingdom: More than 1/3 of TMT companies were hacked in 2020

Stephen Ridley, director at Hiscox UK, said the research shows that its industry technology United Kingdom is "far from being exempt" when it comes to major cybersecurity threats, proving that even for those areas that are better equipped to deal with threats, vulnerabilities should never be overlooked. Ridley added that the industry follows best practices and develops resilience through cost priorities and specific roles in cyberspace. He also stressed that the research findings are a reminder that companies must always change their cyber strategies and improve their resilience capabilities.

Hiscox reported that UK TMTs added an average of 1 2020 million to their cybersecurity budgets in 2019 compared to 2021. The company also noted that security spending priorities for XNUMX include endpoint tracking malware, compliance, supply chain security, services / applications used, and any vulnerabilities.


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