HomesecurityRussian hacker jailed for involvement in massive data theft

Russian hacker jailed for involvement in massive data theft

A Russian hacker sentenced on Thursday to 12 years of imprisonment, following his confession on his involvement in one of the largest thefts data consumers by their financial institution USA. In addition, the hacker has stolen data from more than a dozen US companies and information on more than 100 million American consumers.

Russian hacker

Ο hacker it is called Andrei Tyurin, is 37 years old and was convicted in federal court in Manhattan, after pleading guilty to violations computer fraud, banking fraud and illegal online gambling.

Prosecutors say the Russian hacker involved in staff theft data approximately 80 million JP Morgan Chase customers.

In addition, he is said to have targeted financial institutions, stock exchanges Companies and financial news publishers, including the Wall Street Journal in the United States, from 2012 to mid-2015 attacks These led to the theft of the personal data of about 100 million customers of the targeted companies.

According to authorities, Tyurin operated from his home in Moscow, raising more than $ 19 million from his business. Its infrastructure was extended to five continents, allowing it to perform successfully attacks in many places.

A US government spokesman said the Russian hacker "played an important role in orchestrating and facilitating an international hacking led to one of the largest US customer data thefts by a single financial institution".

In court documents, Tyurin's lawyer, Florian Miedel, wrote that Tyurin received only $ 5 million, as promised by another "partner" who relied on Tyurin to get names and data communication to find customers for his illegal gambling-related business.

theft of data

The lawyer asked for leniency for his client, saying that the Russian hacker never stole money through him hacking.

In a letter to the judge, Tyurin said that "he felt very ashamedFor the personal information he has stolen at Internet and that it recognizes that “chose the wrong path in life“. He also wrote that he has changed since the birth of his daughter (four years ago), whom he can no longer see.

On the other hand, prosecutors argue that both the Russian hacker as well as his partner in the illegal gambling business, were primarily concerned with locating them and not with the moral responsibility for using the stolen data.

Prosecutors have proposed a harsh sentence, citing the difficulty of apprehending someone acting from afar.

Source: Securityweek


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