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AirPods Pro: Apple is preparing a new limited edition

Η Apple has released a new version of AirPods Pro especially for the celebration of Chinese New Year. This is a limited edition release that will excite all its fans company.


As presented by 9to5Mac, the new limited edition of the AirPods Pro, will have the icon of a cow in its box, as next year in the Chinese calendar is the year of the ox. This image is, in fact, an edited and changed version of it emoji of the cow.

Naturally, this limited edition AirPods Pro will only be available in certain Asian markets, such as China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and Malaysia, where the Chinese calendar applies.

However, this picture on the box seems to be the only differentiation of the wireless headphones, as this version of the AirPods Pro is otherwise exactly the same, in terms of functions, with the regular version.

To celebrate Chinese New Year even more, Apple also changed its logo to look a bit more like a cow in Apple China and other regional sites.

The price for the limited edition AirPods Pro is the same as the regular ones. In China, for example, headphones cost RMB 1.999, just like the regular version. They will be sent directly to buyers, while those interested can order up to two pairs of headphones.

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