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Windows 10: How to move the Taskbar to the top of the screen

If you're a Windows 10 user who likes changes, you could move your taskbar to a new location - such as the top of your screen. Of course, it works just like before, including the "Start" menu. See how you can make the necessary adjustments.

First, right-click on your taskbar and uncheck "Lock the taskbar" in the menu that shows up. This allows you to move the taskbar to a new one position.


Once the taskbar is unlocked, click on the taskbar and drag it to the top screen and then release it button of the mouse.

Just do it procedure, the taskbar will remain there for as long as you want, constantly defying gravity.


You will notice that when the taskbar is at the top part of the screen, works just like it did when it was down part, with a different orientation. You can even open the Start menu and you will appear from above.


Do not hesitate to experiment with other locations on the taskbar, such as left or right orientation side of your screen. Also, few people know it, but you can change the height of the taskbar while it is unlocked.

When you're done, you may want to lock the taskbar to its place so that it does not move by mistake. Just right-click on the taskbar and place a check mark next to "Lock the taskbar" in the pop-up menu. Have fun adapting the Windows!

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