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Home security US to hackers: "Find vulnerabilities in our military networks"

US to hackers: "Find vulnerabilities in our military networks"

Hackers are called upon to uncover vulnerabilities in computer systems used by the U.S. military as part of the "Hack the Army" bug bounty program.

US military network hackers
US to hackers: "Find vulnerabilities in our military networks"

All hackers are invited to discover and reveal vulnerabilities in the US Department of Defense in a program managed by The Defense Digital Service (DDS) and HackerOne.

The goal is for cybersecurity investigators to discover and expose vulnerabilities in military systems so that they can be resolved before being discovered and exploited by malicious hackers. The hackers who will discover them security flaws will receive a financial reward.

"Bounty bug programs are a unique and effective power multiplier for preserving critical networks, systems and data "and are based on the efforts of Army and DoD security professionals," said Adam C. Volant, U.S. Director of Military Operations.

"With the help of the best moral hackers in the world who will identify our vulnerabilities, we will fix the systems us to be as much as possible safe done. Hack the Army 3.0 is based on the successes and lessons learned from previous programs bug bounty, ”He added.

The bug bounty program lasts from January 6, 2021 until February 17, 2021.

Hack the Army 3.0 is the XNUMXth DDS bug bounty program with HackerOne and the third with the US Army. Some of the previous programs are Hack the Pentagon, Hack the Defense Travel System and Hack the Air Force.

Participation in the bug bounty challenge of Hack the Army 3.0 is open upon invitation - to hackers and active US military personnel.


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