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Facebook and Twitter "block" Trump after the violence in the Capitol!

Twitter removed three yesterday tweets from the account of the outgoing President of USA, Donald Trump, and closed his account for 12 hours, after he continued to promote conspiracy theories about the elections, while protesters invaded the Capitol. The goal of the protesters was to prevent the ratification by the Congress of the victory of the Democrat Joe Biden in the elections of November 3. The popular social media also warned that further violations of its rules would lead to the permanent closure of Trump's account. Facebook and YouTube.

One of the tweets removed was a video of Trump reiterating baseless allegations that his elections, while encouraging his supporters to leave the Capitol, where they invaded by force. Specifically, he stated that he needed law and order, while emphasizing that he loves his supporters.

Facebook and Twitter "block" Trump after the violence in the Capitol!

Facebook and YouTube also removed the video from them accounts of Trump. Facebook said it would block it account of the President, so that he can not publish anything for 24 hours, due to two policy violations.

Twitter removed Trump's post after initially banning retweets and replies. He had added a tag to the post that read: "This allegation of election fraud is disputed and this tweet cannot receive replies and likes or be retweeted due to the risk of violence." Twitter also removed another Trump tweet. Twitter also said through one of its corporate accounts that if Trump removes the tweets, his account will be unlocked. Trump's official government Twitter account, which he does not use as often as his personal account, remains active.

Twitter and Facebook have tagged some of Trump's posts in the past as containing information that violated their rules, and Twitter has temporarily closed his personal accounts and accounts. campaigns of.

Facebook and Twitter "block" Trump after the violence in the Capitol!

In addition to Facebook and Twitter, YouTube also said in a statement that the video violated content policies claiming there was widespread fraud or errors that changed the outcome of the election. Facebook stated the following: "The violent protests that took place today at the Capitol are a disgrace. We prohibit incitement and incitement to violence on our platform. We actively review and remove any content that violates these rules. ”

Guy Rosen, Facebook's vice president of integrity, wrote on Twitter: "This is a state of emergency and we are taking appropriate action, including the removal of President Trump's video. We removed it because we believe it reduces the risk of continued violence. "

Rosen echoed the sentiment in a company blog post stating that Facebook's leadership team was "afraid of violence in the Capitol" and outlined the steps the platform to remove relevant content. Among them is the removal of videos and photos from those who invaded the Capitol. He also said that the video was removed from Instagram, which belongs to Facebook.

The Twitter security team posted a statement saying the "violent calls" violated its rules. "As for the ongoing situation in Washington, we are working to protect the public conversation that takes place in the service and we will take action on any content that violates the rules of Twitter. We also significantly limit our engagement with tweets bearing the Citizens' Integrity Policy due to the risk of violence. This means that these tagged tweets will not be able to accept replies and likes or be retweeted ".

Facebook and Twitter "block" Trump after the violence in the Capitol!

The video was tweeted at 4:17 p.m., about three hours after Trump told his supporters to protest at the Capitol.

Although the SOCIAL MEDIA platforms acted to remove the video, many prominent figures in the technology industry disapproved of the actions of social media, including the venture capitalist Chris Sacca and Alex Stamos, former head of security officer on Facebook.

The situation also seems to be exacerbating tensions over Twitter over Trump's handling. It is worth noting that many Twitter employees who in the past defended the decision to maintain Trump's account on the platform, changed their minds after yesterday's episodes.

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