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Snapdragon 480: Improves the performance of low quality phones

Cheap phones are going to be made much faster. Today Qualcomm announced the Snapdragon 480, its first 5G chipset for phones priced at around $ 200.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 480

The Snapdragon 480 really has a lot to offer, doubling the performance of low-end CPUs and GPU performance and adding support for Full HD 120Hz displays.

Qualcomm dominates the Android chipset market in the US, but this is not the case in the rest of the world. The intense competition of MediaTek in China and India pushed the company to second place in the world, according to Counterpoint Research. Also, its Exynos chips Samsung also cut Qualcomm's market share.

Competition in developing countries is fiercer on phones ranging from $ 100 to $ 300. While US companies do not seem to be interested in providing the best possible devices in this price range, there is a strong impetus to low-cost innovation in low-income countries. And here is where the Snapdragon 480 appears.

The Snapdragon 480 has the biggest jump in performance CPU and But by the full GPU acceleration tech that we have never seen from any Qualcomm chipset in years. Qualcomm promises twice as much CPU and GPU performance as the previous Snapdragon 460.

In terms of camera, the 480 now comes with ISP support for simultaneous processing of three 13-megapixel cameras, zooming in on phones with multiple cameras. It can capture 1080p video and 64 megapixel photos.

Qualcomm reports improved voice assistant performance and noise cancellation video calls as advantages over last year's brands.

For 5G, the 480 supports both sub-6 and "millimeter-wave", which is an exciting differentiator from MediaTek. While Qualcomm is now in the third generation mmWave chipset, the MediaTek has not built one yet and the latest rumors say it will be delayed until mid-2021.

OnePlus and Vivo have pledged support for the Snapdragon 480, though they will not be the only ones. Qualcomm says some Snapdragon 480-based phones will be released earlier this year.

Source of information: pcmag.com

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