HomesecurityHo.Mobile: data of part of its users were stolen

Ho.Mobile: data of part of its users were stolen

A cyber attack held at Ho.Mobile before the New Year, resulted in them being stolen data of its customers.


Ongoing research shows that only some data from a portion of its customer base company stolen, relating to the personal and technical data of the sims, while banking or payment systems are not included in the leakage.

As we mentioned in our previous article, the cyber threat analyst, @Bank_Security, located in a popular hacking forum, a hacker who claimed to be selling a database owned by Ho.Mobile.

Ho.Mobile immediately started investigations in collaboration with the competent authorities regarding the alleged theft of data of its customers and filed a complaint with the investigating authority and informed all those who cooperate closely.

As mentioned, only a portion of Ho.Mobile's customer data was affected by attack at cyberspace, but among the data collected by the hackers there are also Iccid codes, which identify the sims and allow their portability. However, the company has already implemented multiple checks in order to verify the identity of those requesting a SIM change to prevent the realization Sim swapping.

"At the moment we are only informing the involved customers of Ho.Mobile and we have already activated additional and new levels of security to protect customers from potential threats. "Further actions to protect stolen data are being implemented and will be communicated to customers soon," the company said.

Customers who still want to change their sim can request a free replacement at authorized points of sale. Cyber-attacks of this kind have increased and accelerated during the pandemic, and Ho.Mobile is simply one of the most recent companies to fall into the trap of hacker.

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