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Tools and tips for a warm home in winter

Winter is officially here, and by that I mean it is in the room with you, right behind you, coming through the cracks of your house and making you wonder why you are still trembling while you have the heating on. See below what you can do to keep your home warm during the winter.

Tools and tips for a warm home in winter

Fill the cracks / crevices

Most likely, if you live in an apartment or an older house, you have various gaps in the corners or on the floor. These gaps may not seem large, but the amount of cold air that gets inside your home is significant. Buy the following products to close cracks / crevices (Product names are the official ones.)

Seal the windows

You lose a lot of heat from your windows. Double and triple glazing, which traps insulating air between glass layers, is much better than single glazing, but cold outside air continues to leak from the edges. See below the products you can buy to secure your windows.

Doors and electrical outlets

Any door leading out or into a hallway is an automatic suspect for heat loss. You need to close these gaps around your doors. Electrical outlets are also another sector heat loss. If you can feel the cold air flowing from them, then you need to seal them. You can keep these modifications throughout the year.

Add a rug

Wood and tile floors are excellent conductors of cold and that is why you can be in a warm room with your feet frozen. These floors will remove its heat space, so cover them with carpets.

Turn off the space heating

Heating is expensive. Once you have completed the work of heating the house, you can turn it off. Some things you can do use to keep warm are warm slippers, a warm set of pajamas for the home and much more.

Air heaters

Fan heaters are inefficient, but you can save money by heating only the room in which you are. The Vornado VH200 ($ 60) is relatively energy efficient and our top choice for room air heater. Could an entire room heat up in the winter? Yes!

We hope you find all the above useful and spend a warmer winter!

Source of information: wired.com


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