HomesecurityRansomware attacks: 2021 will be a difficult year

Ransomware attacks: 2021 will be a difficult year

It is known that the ransomware is one of them larger threats in cyberspace and one of the most profitable businesses for criminals. It is predicted that financial losses from ransomware will arrive £ 15 billion by 2021, worldwide (from 262 2015 million in XNUMX). It is called ransomware gangs will target companies that are under pressure due to the economic downturn brought by the pandemic. Experts believe that because of the situation, hackers can easily make it successful attacks and get the ransom they ask for.

Ransomware 2021
Ransomware attacks: 2021 will be a difficult year

Conventional ransomware attacks encrypt systems of the victims and prohibit it access of the organizations in their data, until the ransom is paid. In 2020, however, ransomware gangs began to use other special methods.

From the end of 2019, but mainly in 2020, many gangs started stealing archives of the victims before the systems were encrypted. After stealing the data, they blackmail the victims, telling them how if they do not pay the ransom, their files will be published on the internet. This tactic was started by its operators Maze ransomware and was adopted by other groups. Others hackers (eg REvil) threaten to permanently delete the stolen files if they do not receive ransom.

In addition, in the last year, criminals have increased the sums of money they ask for too much from the victims and give little time for payment. A few days later, however, they may ask for extra money. In some cases, criminals may receive ransom but not keep their word and publish the data or sell it, making even more profit.

In addition, in 2021, the new trend will continue, called "big-game hunting“. These are the attacks that target large and well-known organizations, of which hackers they can make a lot of money, because the Companies they can afford to pay.

Experts believe that there will be bold attacks on large organizations by large cybercrime organizations (known as "SPIDERS“). These include the INDRIK SPIDER, which manages the Dridex and WIZARD SPIDER, the Russian team behind the malware TrickBot and Ryuk.

Ransomware attacks: 2021 will be a difficult year

Groups like the one above have generated huge revenue from ransomware attacks. WIZARD SPIDER is believed to have earned approximately 695,80 Bitcoin, worth approximately 2,7 2018 million since 6,7. The BOSS SPIDER team has received more than $ 2016 million from 2018 to XNUMX.

In 2021, organizations are predicted to be even more vulnerable to attacks because many of them employees work from home and use networks and Appliances, which are much less protected by corporate networks. Thus, attackers will have more opportunities to penetrate an organization's systems.

Who is responsible if someone's home network is compromised as part of a corporate hack? In 2021, we should all agree on that the same company will have a great responsibility, since employees are forced to work from home.

So 2021 will probably be a difficult year for businesses with a lot of ransomware attacks. Solutions such as cloud-delivered, AI-driven security, which can "react" in real time, can be very helpful. However, all businesses should give priority to security and take as much protection as possible to reduce the chances of a successful attack.


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