HomesecurityIndiGo: Her servers were compromised. Data may be leaked!

IndiGo: Her servers were compromised. Data may be leaked!

The biggest aviation India's company, IndiGo, announced on December 31 that its servers had been compromised in early December. The hackers who are behind this breach may leak some internally documents of the company in public sites.

IndiGo stated in its violation statement the following: "We would like to reveal that some of our servers were compromised earlier this month. The company was able to restore the systems in a very short time, resulting in its impact violation to be small. Some sections date servers have been compromised, so there is a possibility that some internal documents may be leaked by hackers to public sites and platforms. "

In addition, the Indian airline said it was aware of the seriousness of the case, stressing that it was continuing to work with all relevant experts and law enforcement to ensure that the incident would be thoroughly investigated.

IndiGo: Her servers were compromised. Data may be leaked

The airline currently operates more than 1.000 daily flights to 59 domestic and 6 international destinations. In addition, it operates between 100 and 130 scheduled flights from Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad. At present, the company operates at about 70% of capacity before its pandemic COVID-19: and intends to increase it immediately up to 80%.

COVID-19 vaccine release, along with rising new travel trends, such as "Working" and development on regional routes, is expected to accelerate existing passenger traffic to pre-pandemic levels within a few months, IndiGo told IANS.

IndiGo: server breach

In terms of freight, IndiGo CEO William Boulter said the airline is able to meet most of India's air transportation needs.

Finally, it is worth noting that during lockdown IndiGo added equipment and made procedural changes to the cabin to transport significant loads to the passenger compartment aircraft her.

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