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Windows 10: Check out some of the most useful Windows key shortcuts

Windows 10 has a rich collection of key Windows shortcuts that can make a computer quick and easy to use, if you remember. Fortunately, with PowerToys, you can quickly find a handy guide to many of the most useful key shortcuts. See how you can use them.


The secret is Microsoft PowerToys

With a PowerToys section called Shortcut Guide, you can hold down the Windows key on your keyboard and see an overlay on the screen that shows you some key Windows shortcuts. Could you usefulιeither every time you forget a shortcut.

To get this handy Shortcut Guide, you must first install PowerToys, a collection of useful Windows 10 utilities from Microsoft. You can download it for free from Github.


Once you have installed PowerToys, run PowerToys Setup and click on the "Shortcut Guide" in the sidebar. Then make sure the "Enable Shortcut Guide" is turned on.

This is optional, but while you are at PowerToys Settings, you can change the opacity of the Shortcut Guide (if you want it to appear in dark or light color) and the time you must hold down the Windows key before you can see the wizard.


Once you are satisfied, close the PowerToys Settings. The Shortcut Guide will still be active in the background. Each time you need information with the Windows Key commands, hold down the Windows key for about a second and it will appear.


Here are some of the shortcuts that appear when presenting the Shortcut Guide:

  • Windows + A: Open the Action center
  • Windows + D: Hide or show the desktop
  • Windows + E: Open File Explorer
  • Windows + G: Open the Xbox Game Bar
  • Windows + H: Open the Dictation bar
  • Windows + i: Open Windows Settings
  • Windows + K: Open the Connect sidebar
  • Windows + L: Lock the PC
  • Windows + M: Minimizes all windows
  • Windows + R: Open the "Run" window
  • Windows + S: Open Search
  • Windows + X: Open the "Power User" menu

We hope all these shortcuts help you improve the speed at which you operate your computer!

Source of information: howtogeek.com

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