HomesecurityTicketmaster fined $ 10 million for hacking into competitor systems

Ticketmaster fined $ 10 million for hacking into competitor systems

Ticketmaster, a subsidiary of Live Nation and a leading ticketing company, was fined $ 10 million for illegally accessing the systems of rival CrowdSurge - using the credentials of one of the company's former employees.


"Ticketmaster employees have repeatedly - and illegally - had access on computers of a competing company without having been given any authorization using stolen passwords for collecting illegal business informationSaid DuCharme, a U.S. attorney general, in a press release.

Stephen Mead, an employee of CrowdSurge before the acquisition of the company by SongKick and before being hired by Live Nation in 2013, and Zeeshan Zaidi, former head of Ticketmaster's arts department, are two of the TicketMaster employees plan.

Mead shared some CrowdSurge privacy despite signing a non-disclosure agreement company concerning the sales of tickets made through the company to various companies.

Ticketmaster executives stressed that the goal of this company was to "steal" some customers from CrowdSurge.

Mead also provided Zaidi and other Ticketmaster executives with confidential financial documents that maintained in his possession and related to the period of his employment with CrowdSurge.

The following year, in January 2015, Mead was promoted from Ticketmaster to Customer Relationship Manager and was promoted to Artist Services.

In addition, Ticketmaster staff held a "summit" in which stolen passwords were used for access to computers of the victim company, as if it were a suitable one business tactics", DuCharme added.

"Today 's decision shows that any company that receives a competitor' s confidential information for a commercial advantage, without authority or license, should expect to be accountable to the court. "

Mead and Zaidi were fired

The company also acknowledged that it is responsible for the actions of its employees in accordance with United States.

"Ticketmaster fired both Zaidi and Mead in 2017, following the revelations," said a TicketMaster spokesman.

"Their actions violated our corporate policies and were incompatible with our values. We are pleased that the issue has now been resolved. "

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