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Instagram: Is there a way to see who sees our profile?

You too are one of the people who want to know who is looking at your content on Instagram;


The truth is that the social networking platform does not have a way to see who is on your profile, because that would create significant problem in relation to privacy. If you knew other users could see that you were clicking on their profile, would you continue to use Instagram fanatically and do what you did before? Probably not.

Supposedly, that you can see who is looking at your Instagram, through third party applications. However, while there are many applications claiming to tell you exactly who was on your profile, the reality is different. According to an interview Alex Heid (SecurityScoreCard executives) at Reader's Digest, these applications they probably pull random usernames and create a different list each time you use the service. At the same time, they are watching data you.

This does not mean that all applications are fake. According to Business Insider, there is an application that allows users to get a little more information about who cares about their profile. This application is Followmeter, which is available for both iPhone as well as for Android. The app does not say the names of people who have visited your profile, but provides Additional information, such as who recently unfollowed you or who you are following does not follow you. This is data that you can also check manually, so it is much more likely to be accurate.

Instagram for businesses and creators

Business accounts and creators provide additional information, such as statistics data to move to account, content interactions, the number of people who may have saved the posts, etc.

Anyone can change their account to a business or creator account by clicking on the three lines in the upper right corner of their profile page and then clicking "Settings". Once there, click on "Account" and scroll down to the links labeled "Switch to business account" or "Go to creator account". You can choose, if you want, a title like "Blogger" or "Just for Fun" to appear in your profile.

You may not be able to see exactly who is viewing your profile, but at least you can get more information.

Instagram Stories

In the case of stories, the users they were always able to see who sees their stories. During the 24 hours your story is online, you can click the icon in the lower left corner of the story, which will display a list of people who have seen it.

Source: Mashable

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