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Turn off or restart Playstation 5 via the controller

The user interface in the new PlayStation 5, has placed the choices activation in a hidden menu, making them a little difficult to find. You can then find these options so you can easily turn it off console restart it or put it in Rest Mode, using your controller.


How to turn off the PlayStation 5 via the controller

Power options on the Playstation 5 are now hidden in Control centre, which can only be found with the controller.

To open the “Control centre", Press the button"PlayStation”On the DualSense controller. This is the button just below the rectangular touchpad with the PlayStation logo. If you press this, Control Center will appear in screen even if you are in the middle of a game. The Power Options in Control Center are located at the far right of the icon bar.

Press "X" on the DualSense controller when you get to the icon that looks like the power button and you will see three options.

The first is "Rest Mode", which puts your PS5 in low power mode. The advantage of this feature is that the PS5 will still download and install game updates and your games will remain paused until you are ready to continue playing. game.

The second option is to turn off the PS5. This is necessary if you are not going to restart the console for a long time.

The third option is to restart the PS5. This is useful if you are having problems with your console and want to restart it.

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