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How to organize a virtual New Year's Eve

As this year celebrations are quite different from previous years, we are forced to adapt to the new reality. But this does not mean that we can not have fun with our loved ones, even if it happens online. Here are some choices to organize your own virtual New Year's Eve!


1. Zoom

To schedule a New Year's Eve through Zoom, open it application and use the built-in tool programming. Fill in the appropriate information, apply the settings you deem necessary and send the link to the people you want.

2. Google Meet

To organize your New Year's Eve party at Google Meet, Open it Google Calendar and block the scheduled event time. Fill in your details in the pop-up window, make sure you have it enabled teleconference Google Meet and add everyone's email addresses in the visitors section. This will automatically send out invitations by email with all the necessary information.

3. Houseparty

If you want to focus more on virtual games, take a look at the app House party as possible platform. The application of course limits the number to eight people for each "room", so it only works for smaller groups. Everyone should download the app and when you add each other as a friend, everyone will be notified every time someone opens the app.

4. Event platforms (OnZoom, Evite)

If you have planned a more specific activity for your evening, consider using a platform for specific events such as OnZoom or Evite. These platforms are designed for events, so they will feature features such as tickets, event lists and even host payments if you choose to charge for admission.

To add a little more interest to the evening, you can set a specific dress code, everyone can choose their favorite drink or even do contests that you will think of.


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