HomesecurityKawasaki Heavy Industries: Warns of possible data breach

Kawasaki Heavy Industries: Warns of possible data breach

Η Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Japanese company manufacturing equipment in the aerospace and defense sectors, he said unauthorized access on its servers may have compromised data customers.

Kawasaki data breach

According to the company warning, about the possible infringement data, Kawasaki staff discovered on June 11, 2020 unauthorized access to a server in Japan, from an outside office in Thailand. The company dealt with the breach but in the following days discovered many other incidents of unauthorized access. Kawasaki said the violations came from other locations in Indonesia, the Philippines and the United States.

Note that the breach is not certain data of Kawasaki customers. The company simply wanted to warn of such an eventuality due to unauthorized access, so it began communicating with customers who may have been affected.

"Because Kawasaki handles important and sensitive information, such as personal data and information related to important services, security measures were a top priority for the company", Said the company on her site. "However, this unauthorized access carried out with advanced technology that left no trace".

The multinational company mainly manufactures engines, heavy equipment, aerospace and defense equipment, ships, etc., which it provides to large and well-known Companies.

To date, no further details on the breach and potentially hazardous data have been disclosed.

While the incident was first discovered in June, "Due to the fact that the scope of unauthorized access extends to many offices inside and outside the country, it took a long time for the company to be able to officially announce the incident", Said Kawasaki.

The company got various measures to stop unauthorized access in its systems. In October, it confirmed through network surveillance that no new breaches had occurred in the Japanese office.

""We have improved monitoring procedures and tightened access restrictions to rule out breaches," the company said. "We continue to strengthen the measures security".

In a separate security incident, Kawasaki said it has received reports from individuals claiming to have received maliciously e-mail. The emails said they came from the Kawasaki Heavy Industries Group in the United States and were looking for new employees.

"If you receive such emails, confirm the sender's identity thoroughly before deciding to reply", The company stated in website of. "There is a risk of obtaining and abusing your personal information if you reply to these emails or open attachments archives. These messages may also be infected with viruses, so we urge you to be extra careful".

Source: Threatpost


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