HomesecurityHacker says it sells Ho mobile database- The company in ...

Hacker says it sells Ho mobile database - The company denies it!

Ho mobile
Hacker sells Ho mobile database- The company denies it!

The cyber threat analyst, @Bank_Security, located in a popular hacking forum, a hacker who claims to be selling a database owned by mobile service provider Ho mobile.

Ho mobile is an Italian service offered by Vodafone Enabler Italy, an Italian virtual mobile provider.

X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X security discovered the ad for selling the base data during routine monitoring and then decided to warn them users, as there is a high risk of SIM Swapping attacks.

Hacker sells H's mobile database- The company denies it!

The database is said to include 2.500.000 customer records and other data which can be exploited by hackers for attacks.

The hacker-seller shared a sample of data from 10 Ho Mobile customers to show what data is being exposed. The whole base data is available for sale, but the criminal has not yet set a price. He is waiting special offer from a potential buyer.

Currently, their authenticity has not been verified data.

"Privacy is a very important issue nowadays. Unfortunately, there are data breaches every day, but when that data can be used for committing bank fraud through sim swapping, phishing or vishing, an even bigger problem arises“. According to the security researcher, The Companies need to invest more in cyber security, because they are very likely to fall victim to a data breach.

However, Ho Mobile issued a public statement stating that the company has no evidence of unauthorized, massive access in its IT infrastructure:

"Regarding some things published by the press, Ho Mobile has no evidence of mass access to IT systems which could jeopardize customer data".



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