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Social distancing sweater: Warns when someone is approaching!

Last year, his pandemic COVID-19 has brought us face to face with situations we never even imagined we would experience. One of the most important measures we are called to follow is distances, the so called social distancing. This measure has led to the creation of applications for contact detection but has also given inspiration for creating more imaginative things. See for example Social Distancing Sweater by SimpliSafe, a special sweater which activates a siren when someone approaches you at a distance of less than 2 meters.

"Remind your family that you are happy to see them, but even happier when you are 2 meters away", Says the commercial video of SimpliSafe sweater. The video shows a masked man wearing a blue sweater decorated with flakes and padlocks. When others approach, the LED lights on the sweater flash and the siren starts to sound.

SimpliSafe says its social distancing sweater aims to entertain people a little in this difficult time we are going through and to make a little more enjoyable and funny the holidays that this year are very different.

"We use four thermal cameras low resolution for monitoring your perimeter ", explains SimpliSafe. "The simple algorithm calculates the basic background temperature and looks for a warm body in the area".

SimpliSafe provided a limited number of social distancing sweaters without the built-in technology, but notified Detailed instructions for those who want to make this special sweater. Required equipment includes: a microcontroller, a small speaker, a MicroSD card, LED lights, cable and an inline USB power switch. Also the experience with printing 3D, welding and programming help a lot.

Social distancing sweater: Warns when someone is approaching! SIMPLISAFE

SimpliSafe has included a number legal disclaimer of liability for social distancing sweater. The company emphasizes that obviously the sweater should not be considered enough for her protection by COVID-19.

"The social distancing sweater is a fun piece for the holidays. It should not be considered a serious one device its prevention COVID-19. Follow the instructions of the health organizations, as well as the laws and orders of the state and local authorities".

The social distancing sweater is not the first garment that detects people who are nearby. In 2018, the advertising company Ogilvy presented the Dress For Respect, regarding movement #MeToo. The dress had sensors that detected when someone was approaching or trying to touch a woman.

Source: CNET


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