HomesecurityAIDA: its ships were attacked by ransomware

AIDA: its ships were attacked by ransomware

According to the German newspaper picture, the company's cruise ships AIDA, including the Aidamar and Aidaperla, have fallen victims of a huge cyber attack. In particular, AIDA's operations at its port in Rostock, Germany, have been affected by the shutdown of its landline and internet systems.


The problems forced the company to cancel a number of cruises, including New Year's Eve trips. At the moment due to his crisis COVID-19, only these two Aida ships were scheduled to travel to the Canary Islands.

As one of the passengers stated: “We are on the fifth day of our cruise. . . The boarding pass system has stopped working. Paper coupons are used that would otherwise be charged automatically, for example when we bought something. We learned confidentially from the staff that it existed attack on Aida servers. "

The captain of AIDAmar announced to the passengers of the ship that "there were huge IT problems at the company's headquarters in Rostock. All Aida ships are affected. "

Some of the crew members said it was in fact an attack ransomware, which has locked the systems the company's.

At least one newspaper reported that Costa Cruises, which also belongs to Carnival Corporation, is affected by computer problems. The blog Cruise control tester reported that access to Costa's customer portal was lost.

Carnival Corporation did not respond to a request for comment.

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Η Carnival Corporation revealed late last summer that one of its subsidiaries had encountered a security breach involving ransomware. Carnival said the incident took place on August 15. According to information, the intruders in cyberspace gained access to privacy of visitors and employees of the company.

In March, Carnival Cruise Line announced that employees on two of its cruise ships had received "misleading emails". Employee and customer data were reportedly compromised by phishing attacks.

A year earlier, in May 2019, Carnival-owned Princess Cruises spotted a series of phishing emails sent to its employees resulting in unauthorized third-party access to certain accounts e-mail employees.


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