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How to check if your Mac uses an Intel or Apple Silicon processor

In 2020, Apple began selling Macs with its own Apple Silicon chips. But outwardly, Macs look like the old ones. How to tell if your Mac is running an Intel or Apple processor Silicon;


Because Apple has made a smooth transition between Intel Macs and M1 chip Macs (Apple Silicon), it is really very difficult to stand out. The MacBook Air 2018 and the MacBook Air 2020 with M1 look the same.

Therefore, the only way to learn if you are using Intel Mac or Apple Silicon Mac is to use the "About This Mac" function.

On your Mac, click the Apple icon in the upper left corner line of the menu and then select the "About This Mac" option.

Here, you will find the specifics information of software and hardware that operate and power your Mac.

If you see the Apple M1 (or higher) in the "Chip" section, that means that you use a Mac with Apple Silicon CPU.


If you see a processor Intel in the "Processor" section, this means that you use Mac with an Intel chip.


And it's so easy to know if you're using a Mac with an Apple Silicon CPU or an Intel processor.

Source of information: howtogeek.com

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