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How to delete your gaming activity on the Nintendo Switch

If you recently played an annoying game on the Nintendo Switch and do not want it to appear in Play Activity where your friends can see it, you can delete your gaming activity altogether. See how you can do it.

Nintendo Switch

First, go to the “Home” menu (press the “Home” button) and then select icon of his profile user in its upper left corner screen.

The page of will open settings of the profile. In side line, select “User Settings”.

In the "User Settings" section, select "Play Activity Settings".

Nintendo Switch

In the "Play Activity Settings" section, select "Delete Play Activity".

Once selected, the Switch will prompt you confirmation. Select the "Delete".

Nintendo Switch

Then you will see a message that the reproductive activity he's got deleted. Select "OK".

After that, the next time a friend sees your Nintendo Switch profile, list it activities of your game will be empty. As you play games, I will start to refill. If necessary, you can delete magazines at regular intervals.

How to hide Play Activity (game activity) from friends

If you find that you delete it frequently Play Activity and you want to hide Play Activity, instead, return on the “Play Activity Settings” screen and select “Display play activity to”. In the menu που shows up, select “No One”.

Nintendo Switch

After that, when a friend looks at it Profile Your "Play Activity" section will not be displayed at all.

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