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Zoom will probably launch a web email service

As most of us have realized during the pandemic, managing all these meetings in Zoom requires a calendar and this feature is currently available in Outlook or Google Calendar.


That could change in the near future, as Zoom reportedly tries to expand beyond video conferencing to email and calendar services, using the huge development during the pandemic and the fact that it is now also used for home use.

According to The Information, Zoom is already working on a web email service that could be launched for testing next year, and the calendar service will be a long-term goal.

Zoom supports more than 3,5 trillion annual meeting minutes and has over 300 million attendees - for comparison Google Meet supports 1 trillion minutes of video calling.

Switching to email and calendar apps could also help Zoom retain its value when people return to work after their vaccines are distributed COVID-19:.

Switching to email and calendar applications has the potential to make Zoom more than just a corporate productivity platform that rivals Microsoft Office 365 and Google Workspace.

Of course, with the company valued at $ 1,9 billion, Zoom could make another acquisition after the acquisition of Keybase, the maker of a complete encrypted messaging and storage system. in cloud.

Zoom counts among its competitors and Cisco Webex and LogMeIn GoToMeeting which are grouped providers of productivity solutions with video functionality, such as Microsoft Teams and Google G Suite and Meet. In the area of ​​consumers and small businesses, it is considered that Amazon, Apple and Facebook as key opponents.

"Some competitors offer, or may in the future offer, at lower prices or for free, products or services that compete with our platform, or may group and offer a wider range products and services than we do. Likewise, some competitors they can use marketing strategies that allow them to get customers at a lower cost than we can. ”

Source of information: zdnet.com

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