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Zoom launches support for Macs with M1

As announced, the Zoom has started releasing an update that will provide support for new processors M1 of Apple.

In the notes for the new version of Zoom software on Poppy, released by 9to5Mac, appears to have been scheduled for release on December 21st. The company states that this version brings support for Apple Silicon processors.

More specifically, the notes state that this version of Zoom offers "better support" for PCs with processors ARM. Zoom says a new, separate installer will be available for download from Download Center of Zoom. However, it seems that this installer is not yet widely available.


Other new features that this update brings include improved non-verbal feedback, better organization of security features and support for text messages.

Apple M1 Macs can run Zoom's current desktop client for MacOS without any problems, but it will probably be slower and have more power consumption than the native version for M1 processors.

Zoom was an extremely popular way of video chatting during the previous lockdown due to its pandemic COVID-19. Which makes this update very important for new Macs owners. In November, Apple launched the first Macs with its own ARM-based silicon chip called the M1. These young people computers, a model M1 MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac mini, can run applications created for Intel Macs via Rosetta 2 translation, but native applications, written specifically for M1 processors, will usually work better.

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