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Apple sends hacker-friendly iPhones to security researchers

A few months ago, the Apple announced that he was planning one special type iPhone which will not be available to ordinary consumers. These new iPhones have been labeled by the company as hacker-friendly (friendly to them hackers) and will be sent exclusively to security investigators. This new iDevice started shipping this week.

As you may know, consumer iPhones include a locked version of iOS so not be easy the infringement by a cyber criminal. Η Apple attaches great importance to protection and safety of its users. However, this enhanced protection constitutes Obstacle for security researchers trying to analyze and discover security vulnerabilities in the iPhones operating system. The Apple realized that it was hampering the efforts of researchers and decided to offer a special, hacker-friendly iPhone to the research community.

Apple security researchers

It is said that Apple started sending notifications, this week, to a first group of researchers who will receive the special iPhone. The new devices will soon reach the hands of researchers.

Hacker-friendly iPhones essentially given to security researchers as a "loan" from Apple for a period of 12 months, but there may be an extension if Apple deems it necessary. Apple hopes that with these new phones, Investigators security will be able to locate and report directly to anyone vulnerabilities. Researchers are trying to do this anyway because Apple is running a bug bounty program and is paying experts to find gaps security. The amount paid depends on how serious a vulnerability is, with the top pay being $ 1,5 million right now. Now with the hacker-friendly iPhones, the work of specialists will become easier.

So do not wait to see the new devices on the market. Apple has made it clear that they will not be used by ordinary people consumers, like the rest of her phones.

Source: Mashable


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