HomesecurityHackers leak cryptocurrency Ledger customer information

Hackers leak cryptocurrency Ledger customer information

The names, emails and phone numbers of 272.000 cryptocurrency Ledger customers have been leaked online. The hackers gained access to the information when they hacked into Ledger databases in July this year. The stolen information was reportedly posted on Raidforums, a website that publishes compromised databases.


"Either this data breach is not related to or affects our hardware wallets, application or money your. Your crypto assets are safe. While it is truly true and sincerely sad, this violation only concerns information related to e-commerce"The company said.

"We are still investigating this issue, but the dumped content may be the Ledger e-commerce database exposed during the duration of data breach in June 2020. This database may used by hackers for phishing attacks. The customer support team is working to notify their users us through him Twitter and answer questions, while also listing all tweets and Reddit posts that contain a link to databaseSaid a company spokesman in a post on Gizmodo.

Ledger based in France revealed in July this year that it discovered a breach in the e-commerce database resulting in the theft of customers' emails. Hackers are supposed to have used these information to commit a phishing scam by sending order confirmation emails to customers of company. At the time of the hack, Ledger said that 1 million email addresses along with personal information and the contact details of 9.500 of its customers had been breached. He also said the breach did not affect hardware wallets or Ledger Live application for the management of wallet services.

In a series of tweets, Ledger stated that she "cooperated with law enforcement to stop the hackers. We have removed more than 170 e-fishing sites since infringement".

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