HomesecurityAmazon: Dozens of lawsuits after hacking into Ring devices

Amazon: Dozens of lawsuits after hacking into Ring devices

The company Amazon receives lawsuits from dozens of her clients, who accuse her of infringement of their personal lives, after receiving threats, racist comments and blackmail from hackers who violated them Ring cameras their.

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A new lawsuit, which combines many cases reported in recent years, claims that loose security measures in the Ring have allowed hackers to take control of these devices.

The lawsuit is based on previous cases filed by more than 30 people in 15 families, who say that Appliances they were violated and used to harass them. In response to these attacks, the company "blamed the victims and offered inadequate answers and false explanations", the lawsuit claims. The plaintiffs also allege that the company failed to adequately update its security measures after the violations.

People who could benefit from the lawsuit include the families mentioned in the case, as well as other Ring users who have been victims of abuse. The lawsuit also covers tens of thousands of customers who purchased Ring devices between 2015 and 2019, even if they were not violated.

According to the complaints, the hackers who violated Ring cameras, insulted, demanded ransom or threatened the owners.

A Ring user said that while watching TV at home one afternoon, he suddenly heard someone asking him through the camera what is watching. Another user claims that a stranger spoke to his children through the device, commenting on their game and encouraging them to approach the camera.

In another case, an elderly woman reportedly heard the phrase "you will die tonight" as well as various sexual comments on her camera. Due to the confusion caused by the hack, the woman was eventually forced to return to her family, as she no longer felt safe where she lived.

The company has not announced who is hiding behind the hacks and victims they say they still do not know who had access in their homes through the devices.

According to the lawsuit, Ring fell victim to a breach in 2019, so the stolen credentials from this breach may have been used to intrude on users' cameras. This means that the violations may be due to the company itself. Finally, the lawsuit alleges that at present Ring "has not sufficiently improved its security practices or does not adequately respond to the continuing threats posed by its customers to its products". Security and privacy experts have also criticized Ring's response.

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