HomesecurityFraudsters "falsify" the New York Department of Labor!

Fraudsters "falsify" the New York Department of Labor!

Fraudsters "fake" the New York Department of Labor to steal personal information from residents of the state, who seek money from a relief fund in view of its pandemic COVID-19:.

Scammers send in unsuspecting victims a e-mail with the state logo that appears to come from The email states that by activating his account, the recipient will receive $ 600 in health care assistance.

Fraudsters falsify the New York Department of Labor!

Specifically, the email says the following: "Dear citizen, due to issues related to COVID-19, NY.GOV will give $ 600 to those affected by this pandemic. Fill out the online form to participate in the help program. Click here to activate your account. Please do not close it Browser upon completion of account activation. Thank you, State of New York ".

A malicious link contained in the email, directs unsuspecting victims to a scam-controlled website. The page is configured to "mimic" a page from website of the New York Government.

Victims are asked to fill out a request form name, address, date of birth, social security number and driver's license number.

Fraudsters falsify the New York Department of Labor!

New Phishing attack was discovered by its investigators Abnormal Security. The researchers found that the real sender of the email was, one domain which is affiliated with Panama and has nothing to do with the New York government.

The researchers noted that the email contained a link that was supposed to lead to one site of NY.GOV. However, it actually shows the https: // thesender [.] Org / fjc4. When someone clicks on this link, they will be redirected to[.]php, a phishing page that appears as a legitimate government website. Although this page displays the official logo of the New York State Government, the address URL is not related to the New York Department of Labor.

The researchers also said that Americans have already received some financial support from the pandemic since government, so a recipient of this email is more likely to be fooled into believing that the government is offering additional relief as the pandemic continues.

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