HomesecurityTechnology companies are backing WhatsApp in a lawsuit against a spyware company

Technology companies are backing WhatsApp in a lawsuit against a spyware company

Η Microsoft products, Cisco, the GitHubThe Google, LinkedIn, VMware and the Internet Association publicly (through a document) support the WhatsApp in the legal case with company supply spyware, NSO Group.

WhatsApp spyware

Η service (owned by Facebook), WhatsApp, filed a lawsuit against the Israeli company NSO Group in October 2019, accusing it of espionage of journalists, activists and others.

According to WhatsApp, the NSO Group attempted to infect approximately 1.400 Appliances with spyware, in an attempt to steal sensitive information from users of WhatsApp.

On the other hand, the Israeli company claims that Pegasus spyware is one legal monitoring tool, designed to help government agencies fight terrorism and other crimes.

However, security companies and other organizations have publicly revealed a number of cases in which Pegasus spyware has been used maliciously. The most recent example concerns the use of one iMessage zero-day exploit to infect iPhone of Al Jazeera journalists.

The document WhatsApp support from Microsoft and other companies, emphasizes that Spyware software, such as Pegasus, can be used by cyber criminals, as NSO Group does not disclose vulnerabilities in targeted platforms.

"The document also shows that foreign governments use these surveillance tools, purchased by companies such as NSO, to spy on human rights defenders, journalists and others, including citizens of USA", Notes Microsoft in a blog post.

According to Microsoft, Pegasus spyware and other similar tools allow it monitoring the location of the individual, while they can also be used for: receive sensitive data, listen to conversations, read messages, and emails, access photos, steal contacts, use Internet search history And much more.

Η Microsoft products and all the other companies that expressed their support for WhatsApp, stressed that privacy is a fundamental right for everyone. Cyber-monitoring tools, such as NSO Group's Pegasus spyware, threaten this right as well as the lives of individuals.

"The extension of NSO Group's immunity will further encourage the development of the cyber surveillance industry in order to sell and use tools to exploit vulnerabilities, in violation of their law USA. Private companies must take responsibility when using surveillance tools to break the law or knowingly allow their use for such purposes, regardless of who their customers are or what they are trying to achieveSays Microsoft.

Source: Security Week

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