HomesecurityNintendo: new big data leak related to Switch

Nintendo: new big data leak related to Switch

One more leakage which affected her Nintendo, was first revealed in the 4chan forum and reportedly concerns files related to Switch development, including a 2015 SDK and documents related to its security.


However, according to Nintendo history Forest of Illusion, the first indications are that the methods security described in the leak are not directly related to the final machine, which potentially makes the new infringement much less harmful than it could have been.

The data include a prototype for the Switch from 2014.

One of his users TwitterThe Kaitlyn Molinas, has summarized the data allegedly contained in the leak.

The documents describe in detail an early prototype for the Nintendo Switch, indicating that the console would be much less powerful than the final design, with one or two 480p screens.

The leak is also said to contain information about how Nintendo attempted to recruit a hacker, while he had also made a plan for how he would deal with the public reaction if this recruitment was discovered.

According to leaked documents leaked on Twitter, Nintendo kept detailed information about the hacker and even made a plan to persuade him to join the company, including his flight to Japan to meet with its team of engineers.

Nintendo has suffered significant data leaks over the past two years, including errors in various SNES and N64 games, source code errors, internal console emulators, and more.

In July, a significant data leak also preoccupied Nintendo, which was concerned with early prototypes for games such as Yoshi's Island, Star Fox, Super Mario 64 and Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

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