HomerapidshareNew bill "punishes" illegal streaming!

New bill "punishes" illegal streaming!

The 5.000-page COVID-19 relief bill provides for severe punishment in streamers providing pirated large volume of copyrighted content. The streaming law passed earlier this month by Sen. Thom Tillis, a Republican from North Carolina, does not target casual users. Internet.

In other words, the law does not apply to people who use illegal streaming services, to people who have access on pirated streams or unknowingly streaming copies of copyrighted works. Instead, the law focuses on commercial, speculative piracy services making money from illegal copyrighted material.

Tillis said the practice costs their economy USA about $ 30 billion a year. He added that this bill was drafted with the contribution of creators, user groups and technology companies, with the aim of punishing only criminal organizations. Therefore no single streamer is at risk of prosecution.

The COVID-19 relief bill "punishes" illegal streaming
The COVID-19 relief bill "punishes" illegal streaming

If someone is prosecuted for illegal streaming, they could be charged penalty imprisonment for up to 10 years, for multiple offenses, or even fines.

The bilateral COVID-19 relief bill has the support of five Democratic senators and four Republicans. It also has the support of two groups: the Public Knowledge - a consumer advocacy group, which described the bill as "specially adapted" so as not to affect regular Internet users - and the National Broadcasting Union, which said it strongly supported law.

Meredith Rose, Senior Policy Advisor at Public Knowledge, stated: "We appreciate Sen. Tillis' decision to publish the text of his proposal, as well as his leadership in attracting consumer groups. We also appreciate that it listens to our concerns and works to avert the risk to end users, legitimate movies and streaming platforms. ".

The COVID-19 relief bill "punishes" illegal streaming

Last year, the US Department of Justice (DoJ) sued two computer programmers in Las Vegas for hacking thousands of hours of television broadcasts from Netflix and Hulu, which they provided to websites IStreamItAll and Jetflicks.

It is noteworthy that one man admitted that he earned over 1 million dollars from his pirate activities.

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