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Microsoft Edge: How to edit saved passwords

If you save passwords to Microsoft Edge, you do not have to worry about logging in to your favorites sites. However, if you need to edit or delete a saved password, you need to go to the menu "Settings" of the Edge. These steps are related to Chromium-based Edge browser, released by Microsoft in the summer of 2020. If you have not updated your computer recently, you should make sure that you use the latest version of Windows and Microsoft Edge before proceeding with this process.

Microsoft Edge: How to edit saved passwords

By default, Microsoft Edge asks you if you want to save your password whenever it recognizes a password entry field on a site. For example, if you log in to gmail for the first time, Edge will ask you to save the username and your password to Google.

You will then see a message below the address bar asking you to confirm the information. But if this does not happen, click on the security key icon to see the pop-up window. The security key icon is visible on the right side of the address bar, just before the bookmark icon.

If you want to save the information in Profile Edge user, click the button "Save". If you click the button "Never", Microsoft will not save the information you provide, nor will it ask you again in the future if you wish to do so.

Edit / Delete passwords

You can change or delete any saved passwords from the Microsoft Edge Settings menu. In the Edge browser window, select the menu icon with the three dots in the upper right corner. From the menu, select "Settings".

Microsoft Edge: How to edit saved passwords

When you go to the menu "Settings" of the Edge, the tab is displayed by default "Profile". If not, select it from the menu on the left.

Microsoft Edge: How to edit saved passwords

On the tab "Profile", click "Passwords" to view saved passwords for your currently active user profile.

Edit saved passwords

In the menu "Passwords", you will see a list of saved passwords. You can also configure how Microsoft Password Management works, including the option to sign in automatically to saved sites.

A list of saved passwords will be listed in the category "Saved passwords" in the menu "Passwords". To edit a saved one code To access the menu, select the three-dot menu icon next to an entry, and then click "Information".

A box will then appear “Password details”, where you can change the saved URLs, username and passwords. Edit the information and then select "End" to save the entry.

Delete saved passwords

If you want to delete a saved password in Microsoft Edge, click the three-dot icon next to a saved entry in the category "Saved passwords". Then, from the drop-down menu, select "Deletion".

The user account will be deleted at this point. If you regret it and want to restore it quickly, select the icon "Undo" in the pop-up warning box in the upper right-hand corner of the Edge window.

Microsoft Edge: How to edit saved passwords

However, you will only have a short time to do this, so make sure you want to delete a account before continuing.

Configure Microsoft Edge password settings

By default, Microsoft Edge asks you to save your passwords. If you want to disable this feature, select the setting next to the option “Offer to save passwords”.

While the feature will be disabled, you can still select the security key icon in the address bar to manually save passwords in the future.

If Microsoft Edge recognizes a saved site, it will use the saved password information to link to you automatically. To turn off this feature, select the setting next to the option "Automatic entry".

Additionally, Edge automatically hides passwords you enter in password fields online. However, to help you make sure the password you type is correct, Edge displays an eye expression icon next to a password entry box.

If you want to hide the eye expression icon on password entry forms for extra security, select the setting "Show the password disclosure button in the password fields" to turn off the feature.

You can also delete sites that you have previously "ignored" at the bottom of the menu "Passwords". These are sites that, when Microsoft Edge asked you to save a password, you previously clicked "Never".
To remove these entries, scroll down to the category "Never save" in the menu "Passwords". Next to one of the "ignored" sites, select the icon "X".

This will remove the entry from the list. The next time you sign in to this site, Microsoft Edge will ask you to save the password as usual, assuming you have enabled the setting “Offer to save passwords”.

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