HomesecurityThree VPN providers have offered shelter to cyber criminals

Three VPN providers have offered shelter to cyber criminals

Three VPN services have provided safe haven for cybercriminals to carry out ransomware attacks, web skimming, spearphishing and takeover accounts.

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Law enforcement agencies from the United States, Germany, France, Switzerland and the Netherlands "occupied" this week the web domains and server infrastructure of the three VPN services that provided a safe haven for cybercriminals.

The three services were active in insorg.orgThe and before the domains are confiscated and replaced on Monday with a banner of law enforcement services.

The services have been active for more than a decade, it is believed operate by the same person / group and have been heavily advertised in Russian and English underground criminal forums cyberspace.

In accordance with US Department of Justice and Europol, the servers of the three companies were often used to conceal the true identities of ransomware gangs, web skimmer groups (Magecart), phishers and hacker, allowing them to operate behind one proxy network.

Law enforcement agencies described all three services as "bulletproof hosting services", a term commonly used to describe Internet companies that do not remove criminal content, despite repeated requests accepted.

The servers were seized this week in five countries where the three VPN providers were hosting content. THE Europol stated that it intends to analyze the collected information and locate and take over δράση against some of them users of the services.

The investigation, codenamed "Operation Nova", was coordinated by Europol officials.

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