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Google brings Discover to other Chromium browsers

According to new code reports on the Chromium open source platform, Chromium-based browsers such as Vivaldi and Brave will soon benefit from Google's personalized news feed called "Discover."

Google Discover (formerly known as Google Feed or Google Now Feed) is a personalized content stream that displays relevant news to users mobile.

Discover is currently only accessible via Google and Chrome for Android and iOS, but a new commitment code suggests that the others browsers Chromium-based companies will soon be able to take advantage of the Discover feed.

Chromium Discover

References to this upcoming feature were found in Chromium Gerrit, where Google engineer Carlos Knippschild made a commit entitled "Add a feature flag for the Web Feed feature".

The code binding description explains that the experimental flag will allow users to "monitor web content" in the New Tab Page (NTP).

This "WebFeed" feature will probably be great similar - if not the same - with the Discover feed already in Chrome.

Although the flag has been added by Google Chrome Canary for Android, enabling the feature does not affect the browser as well has already the built-in Discover feature.

This feature has not been detected in others browsers for Chromium-based phones, suggesting that mode is in its early stages development.

As some features are added to Google Chrome for Android before they are released on the Desktop, this may indicate that Discover will be coming to its users as well. desktop.

Source: bleepingcomputer.com

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